Our broad but simplistic core product range has been designed with your clients in mind, providing a flexible solutıon whether your client be a high net worth individual looking to invest a large lump sum, a regular monthly saver with a more modest savıngs goal in mind or family protection.

Our products are designed as medium to long term contracts (typically five years upwards) and can help you in achieving your financial goals. This may be saving for a more fulfilling and secure retirement, family protection or simply for further wealth creation.

With the right kind of product and suitable unit funds and/or assets held within it, you could benefit from the potential growth in markets around the world. Our partner’s financial advisor can help you choose from a wide product range and assets designed to be flexible enough to meet a variety of needs.

Our product range includes:


Whole life insurance:

Life insurance protection is for the whole life there is also a cash value component in this policy. Therefore, let's say if the client wants to discontinue his/her policy. Because the children are grown and life insurance need no longer exist, the client can get back cash value process of his/her policy and cancel the insurance policy.

Term Life insurance:

The life insurance protection is only for the selected term (5 years, 10 years, 15 years...). This policy provides risk coverage/ protection only. There is no cash value component in it.


Regular contribution products are designed for long term savings needs such as retirement, funding university fees or wealth creation. These products are offered from a minimum 10 years to a maximum of 25 years. Clients can make regular contributions on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.


These products are designed for clients who want to invest lumpsum money rather than making regular contributions for 10-25 years. The clients can invest for 5-10 years, they can make top-ups (additional contributions). Single contribution products for growing or protecting your wealth.


Since all of these products are issued as international life insurance products, they benefit from the tax advantages of life insurance policies. When the clients contribute/invest money into these products there is no tax liablity. As their savings/investments grow the investment gains are not subject to any tax. Only when the policies mature or if the clients surrender their policies they will be subject to ordinary income tax on the gains only.


Your contract details at the touch of a button. We appreciate that your savings and investments are important to you and you you may want to monitör the performance of your international life insrance contract when it suits you. Your online account provides you with 24/7 access toyour contract valuations, transaction details, contribution history, etc.