HERALD BROKERS LIMITED (Courtiers Herald Ltèe) is set up to receive only commissions from International Life Insurance companies. As Herald Brokers Limited does not sell or market life insurance products to individual or corporations, Herald Brokers Limited is not required to hold a brokerage license. Insurance Brokers are only required to hold a brokerage license where the sales/marketing activities take place.

HERALD BROKERS LIMITED works through its sub-brokers and the main sub-broker is Luna Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers S.R.O. – Czech Republic which has EU Brokerage license given by Central Bank of Czech Republic. HERALD BROKERS LIMITED also works with other intermediary or trading companies which have wide client basis and makes agreement with them to get client referrals for its sub-brokers.

HERALD BROKERS LIMITED is registered in Canada and the company has terms of business with  international life assurance companies.


Expertise, Sustainability, Consistency and Collaboration are our main values behind our success. We see our estimable customers as our business partner and always try to offer tailor-made solutions. We pay attention to what our customers say and give priority to understand their needs well. According to their requests and needs, we give the best service and take it as our primary principle. We know for sure that this will increase our service quality and enable us to become lasting partners with our customers.


Our aim is to provide the finest quality service to help our partners so that their clients achieve and maintain their financial independence with peace of mind and security through life insurance based product. We bring the future into present, so you have sufficient time to reach your financial goals. Having enough money to enjoy life and provide for a happy, financially sound future is the focus for most of us during our working lives, but not everyone manages to achieve this. People do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. 

Our partners learn what's most important to their clients, their advisors provide advice specific to their clients goals and priorities. As life changes, they make adjustments to ensure their client' investments continue to reflect their goals and needs.

By working with HERALD BROKERS LIMITED, our partners will have peace of mind that their clients' financial portfolio is in safe, proficient hands that know what it takes to secure, maximise and cultivate their wealth.

Our partners consultants'will look at all aspects of clients financial life and identify their doable steps to help clients work toward their dreams and goals

By learning what's most important to our partners, their advisors provide advice specific to their clients' goals and priorities. As life changes, they make adjustments to ensure your investments continue to reflect your goals and needs.

Putting our partners interests first is at the core of our financial management philosophy.

With attention to detail and a vision of excellence in everything we do we are poised tor continued growth and beyond.

We make money when our partners and their clients make money and our success depends on their success.