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HERALD BROKERS LIMITED (Courtiers Herald Ltèe) is set up to receive only commissions from International Life Insurance companies. As Herald Brokers Limited does not sell or market life insurance products to individual or corporations, Herald Brokers Limited is not required to hold a brokerage license. Insurance Brokers are only required to hold a brokerage license where the sales/marketing activities take place.



Our broad but simplistic core product range has been designed with your clients in mind, providing a flexible solutıon whether your client be a high net worth individual looking to invest a large lump sum, a regular monthly saver with a more modest savıngs goal in mind or family protection.



Every opportunity is also a risk. Our duty and responsibility for our business partners are to create the advantage out of risk and help them to succeed even in situations which could be very hard to achieve.  Transforming the “risk” from being a responsibility to “an advantage” is our priority.

We help our customers to see risk as an indispensable piece of their strategies. Thuswise, based on total risk cost approach, we can provide our customers with realizing services including Risk Assessment, Evaluation, Rating, Prioritization, Risk Development and Finance.


Who is an Insurance Broker?

Brokers are the representatives of their customers. They are responsible for obtaining policy offers that their customers need from at least 3 different insurance companies. While their customers give their decision on the policies, the insurance broker gives consulting in order to help them to make the best decision.


Reassurance is a form of insurance cover for insurance companies. It is the process for reinsuring one part or whole of the already insured risk. Insurance companies reinsure in order not to have difficulty in claim payments in case they coincide with substantial damages in secured risks. Reinsurance enables insurance companies to ensure the risks they are unable to do so financially, in other meaning, risks that they cannot undertake by their own in terms of their capitals, reserves and net assets.

The Reasons for Reinsurance Need

• Spread of the risk

• Increase in the job acceptance capacity of insurer

• Increase in the job acceptance flexibility of insurer

• Support for the Financial structure of insurance company

• The control of natural disaster damages caused by extra cumulation technical information transforms from reassurer to insurer.

Client Offering

We are confident that each Client has the power to achieve their investment goals with the tools we provide together with professional advice from their Financial Advisers. Thus, we measure our success by our Clients’ success.

Financial Adviser

Financial adviser We believe in a truly customised portfolio in regards to investments and policy structure. This all in one product – the Exclusive Investment Bond (EIB).

Financial Planning

Financial planning, through life insurance products, aims to give clients impartial help in organising their personal or corporate financial affairs to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals more effectively.